To Do

Holyday activities for bad weather days:

All information about the activities:

You can get these brochures for free at the headquarter and the cable car station.

Mountain Walks

There are many nice walks. You can use your calbe car ticket to get up to the starts.

Salomon Alpine Running

(680m trail running route with fixed, contactless timekeeping technology)

We will organize a special price for the "Salomon Alpine Running" - winner of the weak!

Bogn Sedrun

Wellness Spa and Adventure Pool. CHF 25.- instead of 31.-,  for Pilot and companionship. You have to show your pilots-card.


  • Fitness
  • Indoor Climbing
  • Tennis
  • Power Plate

They do not make us a discount - we will organize tripps to the much bigger climbing hall in Chur (1 hour).



Where to buy SIM Cards?

Arco, Radio TV HiFi Video, S. + G. Coray
Via da Scola 1
7180 Disentis/Mustér/GR






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