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I am a member of the Swiss League, by filling out your phone number you registered on SwissLeague you can get a short registration

Registration for Swiss Open Disentis 2018

Registration fee

Registation fee: CHF 295.-

- Reduced registration fee for foreign pilots (living outside Switzerland): 250 Euro
- Free entry for pilots on WPRS < 50 (ranking 2018)

Information for foreign pilots, living outside of Switzerland:

  • To fly legally in Switzerland, you are required to carry an IPPI card at level IV or V, as well as a third party insurance for a minimum coverage of 1 Million Swiss Francs.

Requirements for the 2018 Disentis Open:

  • Top 800 ranking in the paragliding XC WPRS within the past 12 months (enter month and ranking in the remarks field of the registration form)


  • IPPI Level 4 card (enter "IPPI 4" or "IPPI 5" in the "Swiss licence No or IPPI Level" field of the registration form). We will check your card at final registration. If you have only IPPI Level 4, and were not ranked in the top 800 of the WPRS in the last year, but still want to participate: contact Martin at

If you don't have a CIVL ID, pls register for free at CIVL:
Go to search your name to check you don't already have an ID. If no match shows in the DB a 'register me' button appears.

Detailed information - pdf's:

Modalites d'organisation

male female
I would like to be ranked in the 'Sport Class' ranking
I hereby confirm that I will fly all tasks with the glider mentioned above, and that the glider has not been modified in any way that would alter its certification status.
Men S Men M Men L Men XL Women S Women M Women L
* I hereby accept the SHV/FSVL sports regulations and the Swiss Doping regulation (doping-list).The participation in the competition is at my own responsibility.




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