To fly in Switzerland you have to be in possesion of a valid liability insurance.


Swiss Federation

The Swiss Federation provides the possibility to take out an insurance policy:
- Lability insurance for one month (CHF 10 Mio., CHF 45.- + 7.- = CHF 52.-)
- Accident insurance (CHF 100)

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AXA Insurance Package “ Holiday & Comp”

AXA Insurance Package “ Holiday & Comp” for all international pilots. Premium: EUR 200,--

  • 3rd party liability coverage:  EUR 1,5 Mio  – 1 year valid, )
  • Emergency Rescue coverage:  up to EUR 10.000,-- ( inclusive expensive helicopter rescue)  - 1 year valid
  • Repatriation Costs coverage and Medical Cost coverage:  up to a total of EUR 20.000 – valid for the time of official training and competition or holiday period

This package is restricted to EU and Swiss territory but extended to all FAI/CIVL comps world wide except US.

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