Friday, August 3th

Free Flying Day. 

Pls register for this free flying day by sending a mail to (we have to organize the cable car tickets). Cost will be CHF 15 for the cable car.

Saturday, August 4th

Training Task

If the weather is ok, we will make a training task.
- Meeting 09:30 at headquarter (to get maps and free ticket for the cable car) or 10:30 at the cable car station (there you have to pay your own cable car ticket).
- Information (weather) will be displayed on our website. You can upload the turnpoints yourself from the website.

The chairlift to take off Gendusas will be working only from 9:15-10:15 or according to our needs.

17.00 to 20.00: Registration

Registration is at the headquarter at Lodge Sax.

Late Registration:
If the weather is very bad on the first day, you will have the possibility of late registration in the evening prior the first taskable day.

19:00 to 21:00: Opening Aperitif

Drinks, light food.

21:00: General Briefing


 One day during the week

- Pilot Party (big BBQ, Salad-buffet, Relatives may join the pilots party including apéro for a contribution towards expenses of Fr. 30.-. Please announce at registraion at the race office.) 
- Spaghetti-Evening (Spaghetti- and Saladbuffet, natural Water: 15.-)
(the evening with the better weather will be used for Pilots Party)

Saturday, August 11

Prize giving Ceremony
- 17:00 Aperitiv (Drinks, light food)
- 18:00 (non flying: 12:00)
The timing will change according to the task flown.

Sunday, August 5th to Saturday, August 11th: Competition days

(7 possible tasks)

Daily Shedule

From 8:00 Race office opens Lodge Sax
ca 8:00 Informative SMS to all pilots  
09:00 - 10:00 Ride up to Middle Station Caischavedra
Lunch Bags
Debriefing, Briefing, Weather, provisional Task
Ride up to take off site Gendusas
Chairlift Caischavedra-Gendusas opens on our needs!
ca. 11.00 Meteo and task briefing Takeoff place Gendusas
afterwards Takeoff  
from 14.00 Barbecue at Landing Place Landing area/race office at Lodge Sax
15.00 - 19.00 Report back (immediately upon landing), GPS track download (as soon as possible) Race office at Lodge Sax

In case we move to an other flight area
19:00 Information on website and with SMS to all registered pilots
07:00 Big car meeting (we have to travel mainly with privat cars of pilots)  Car park at cable station

Depending on the weather, the schedule might change. Registered pilots are informed via Whatsapp-Group





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