Airspace and Obstacles


PWCA Competition rules are valid for us, with one exemption: Penalty will be 1 pt./m.

Online Map Airspace Switzerland

In our area we don't have many restrictions. Only: We shall not fly above 3950m :-)
(LS-D10 is only a "Danger Area" - but no danger for us.)

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Segnaspass (X99) - Airplan accident

Airspace Segnaspass

Bad Ragaz

Airport for sailplains mainly. There is a 3km radius, minimum height to fly over is 1000m. This airspace is on our open air file.
(pls note, that the normal radius would be 5km - but in accordance with the local paragliding clubs, we are allowed to be closer).

LS-D Brigels and Heliport Tavanasa

We will inform you, when it is active (its never a problem)

Heliport Tavanasa:
Dont land in the gorge - anyway!

LS-D Chur

LS-D Chur is a mining area. We will inform you, when it is active (no problem for flying, but you better not land there) when it is active.

Heliport Untervaz


Information about obstacles in Switzerland

This link shows most of the obstacles in Switzerland:
You can use this kml file to most active obstacles in 3D in Google Earth.

It looks difficult - but in aour area we have only 1 cables to whatch. We will brief you.





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