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Disentis Open in 79s
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Surselva Flaigers

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Disentis Open 2019

Comp flying and education at its best 
18.-24. August  2019
Cat. 2, CIVL Event ID 13569
Registation fee: CHF 295.-
- Reduced registration fee for foreign pilots (living outside  Switzerland): 250 Euro
- Free entry for pilots on WPRS < 50 (ranking 2019-03-01)
Registration starts 1st of May.
An event with very informative task briefings, daily debriefings, lectures and workshops. Speakers: Urs Haari (emergency systems), Jörg Ewald (instruments), Urs Braun (mental training) and Martin Scheel (debriefings, meteo).
Prizes and Ranking will be for Open and Sport Class (max. EN C) Ranking.

Task 5 in Disentis

Last task at the Swiss Open 2018 in Disentis. Yael Margelisch and Stephan Morgenthaler are the new Swiss Champions.


- Results task 5 and overall

- Photos task 5 (Martin Scheel)

- Photos task 5 (Andy Busslinger)

- Movie: Boris Zeltner

Livetracking Task 5

Task 5 of Swiss Open 2018 in Disentis. Livetracking of task you can find here.

Infos Saturday

Medium cloud cover and Cirrus from 12 am to 4 pm. Cumulus with base of 2200m rising to 2400m. Weak thermals, with full sunlight moderate thermals. No precipitation.


Wind: Generally weak. Moderate valley winds, 2000m hardly wind, 3000m (we will hardly reach this level) WSW, 10kn.


We go up at 10:00.

Briefing Caischavedra 10:30 am.


We wil land at Disentis.

Infos for Saturday

Tomorrow we expect a task in the Surselva with landing in Disentis. Around 14:30 the first pilots will arrive.

More information this evening.




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