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Task 3 (07.08.2018)

After it rained in the night and it was completely cloudy in the morning, not everyone believed in a good task.


The task was 58km to Falera (Flims) and back to Trun, with a detour to "the high mountains" (Panixersee) before the final approach to the safety turn point under Alp Nadels. The start was in the shade, just before the sun came and with it strong climbing! The first ones had to fly to the Falera (Flims) in full shade, which according to the pilots was only successful with luck. Somewhere in the shade they found (even good) climbing. But one or the other was doomed. Tactically difficult was the "final approach" from Panix to the safety turn point below Alp Nadels. But for most of them it was enough, but some spoke of the fir cones, which they could already examine at close range.


Either way, most of them reached the goal, while in the higher mountains there was already some rain.





Task 2 (06.08.2018)

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Task 1 (05.08.2018)

The weather forecasts were similar to yesterday, but with much less wind: moderate to strong thermals, base 3200-3500m and almost no wind at altitude. The task led to Brigels, Piz Medel, then to Vals and back to Disentis, 102km. 


The conditions were almost perfect. Only at some corners it was turbulent and the northeast wind was pushing over some ridges. As expected, it was more difficult in Vals because the valley wind stabilized the air there. The big radius at Vals (16km around Zillis) was especially interesting because it was not clear where the Tomül chain should be flown to.


Tim Bollinger did best in the end, he deservedly won, followed by Steph Morgenthaler and Patrick von Känel. Yael Margelisch was first woman at goal.


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Official training day (04.08.2018)

The weather forecasts were quite correct: strong thermals, northeast wind, just ok to fly.


We set a task that met these conditions: Short zigzag on the sunny side, then directly to Piz Medel, where the thermal connection at Piz Ault worked good. As soft as butter it went up. Now a back and forth between the glaciers at the Medel and the Garvera was in demand. Here the pilots became aware of the wind, behind the Muraun-Caziraun-line they went down quickly with a downwash. But those who flew high and did not put the line straight into the downwash could safely enjoy this part.


The pilots felt the northeast at the last turnpoint at Obersaxen. There it had strong headwind, but quite calm. The flight back to Disentis went then with tail wind easily, only few became the sinking on the last 3 km to the fate. Many reached the goal.


- Pictures: Martin Scheel





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