We fly according to the Rules of the Swiss Federation and the latest PWCA Competition Rules.

  • Formula: We use the latest PWCA-formula available. We will display the formula at the Taskboard.
  • FTV: Yes, we will use FTV to get a discard! The FTV “reject rate” is set to 25%.
  • Proposed GAP-Parameters are: Min. dist: 7 km, nom. dist: 70 km, nom. time: 1:40, nom. goal: 30%, nom. takeoff: 95%

In case of undefined problems, we will use common sense, the CIVL Section 7 or the General Section to solve the problem !

If there are any doubts, ask before the end of the briefing or at least prior the start of a task. We will not cancel a task or disqualify a major part of pilots because of unclear or undefined rules.



PWCA Competition Rules 2015:

3.1.3 Only certified gliders up to CCC or EN 926 or LTF 91/09, but with tolerances on lines and risers as defined in Appendix E: Glider Checking Procedure, are allowed in World Cup competitions. Any EN 926 or LTF 91/09 certified glider that has also been CCC certified may only be flown in its CCC configuration.
3.1.4 It is not permitted for the pilot to modify the glider in any way, except for the length of the brake main-line.
3.1.5 The pilot must fly in the homologated weight range.
3.1.6 Uncertified sizes of a certified model that was available for sale earlier than 1st November 2011 will be permitted.

Glider checks

We are not able to check gliders regularly. But we will do it occasionally and on request. See Appendix E of the PWCA Competition Rules: Glider Checking Procedure.


To fly in Switzerland you have to be in possesion of a valid liability insurance. Possibilities are shown here.






















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