Weather report Saturday


  • Some Cumulus at 3000 and higher
  • Most models show a pretty compact Cirrus form 11 to 15 or 16h


The strong winds stay north of our area. Only above 2000m we will feel the SW, it would disturb to fly against wind.

  • Light valley brises (Chur: Moderate)
  • 1000m almost no wind
  • 2000m 5kn SW
  • 3000m 10-15kn WSW
  • 4000m 30kn W 


Problem are the Cirrus. We have to find out, how thick this layer is, how much radiation get through. As far I see at the moment, we will have moderate thermal activity.

The wind in altitude is strong, but because it is weak below 2200, flying should be absolutely ok.




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