Weather report Friday


Cumulus, 1-2/8, Cloudbase rising up to 3300m over the high relief
Some clouds in middle altitude in the morning and afternoon, more cloud development in the north of our area


No rain


Moderate valley brises

Remarkable westerly on the ridges, in our area weakening during the afternoon (not at Glarnerland in the north)

2000m light westerly

3000m 15kn WSW, less on the sunny side of the valley, more in the east of our area. 15h: W, weaker

4000m 25kn West, weakening to 20kn, less towards south

Thermals and day:

Relatively weak thermals, because of the warm air coming in, probably not so nice for flying. Together with the westerly winds in the altitude, the day is not "just great". 

The Regtherm is probably wrong.



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