Flight Areas


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In case of permanent "Föhn", we have thepossibility to move to Jura. Take off would be "Weissenstein", wich is suitable for winddirection S to SE (not SW). It is a 2 hour drive to the meeting point and landing area.

Turnpoint Map Jura
Waypoints Jura
Take off will be Weissenstein B10, Landing L04


The flight area Mt. Lema is similar to the well known Cornizzolo. It is south of the mountains and suitable for light northerly winds. It is a 2 hour drive to the meeting point.

Turnpoint Map Mt. Lema
Waypoints Tessin, Mt. Lema
Take Off S01, Landing L01

How to use the wpt files

Use the right Mouse-Tab to downlad files.

Download GPSDump for PC, for Mac

Tutorial how to upload waypoints (tutorial from the Belgians 2013)


Important information in case we move to Jura or Tessin

- We will move only, if the weather looks very, very bad for several days and probably less then 3 tasks will be possible!
- We will move only for one day
- Transport to the meeting point at Jura or Tessin is up to the pilot. There will be enough cars and some buses from the organisation.

Only "C-Pilot" can upload 3 waypoint-files.

All other pilots: It would be good, if you are able to upload the files yourselfe during the evening (announcement of change will be made at 19:00 via SMS and Website).
The race-office will be open for help.




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