"Official" Lodge Sax
The hotel at headquarter and landingfield. The rooms are smaller as at Hotel Baur.
Special offer:
- Double-room: CHF 50.00 / person /night
- Single-room: CHF 80.00 / person /night
Including shower, toilet, TV in the room and an extensive breakfast-buffet.
Breakfast-buffet only: CHF 15.00 per person, groups should register until 18.00 Uhr the evening before.
+41 81 515 14 14

TCS Camping Disentis
Nice and comfortable camping. 10% Discount. / Camping / Disentis
Pls. book in advance, because it will be full.

"Official" Catrina Resort Hotel (Hotel Baur)
Special offer:
The hotel is located directly at the cable car station, 5 min walk to the HQ and landing area. If you do a reservation, pls. mention "paragliding".
- Double-room: CHF 85.00 / person /night
- Single-room: CHF 95.00 / person /night
25.00 CHF 3 course dinner menue- extensive breakfast-buffet
- very big and newly renovated rooms
- indoor swimming pool and wellness-area


Hotel and Hostel

Hostel, cool.


Close to the Landing area (you can land nearby)
Double rooms, CHF 55.- p/P including breakfast


Link to a search result to appartments at Disentis.

Appartments close to Landing area:
Casa Camona
Plauncas Sala Veni
Casa Canorta Stotz
Casa Sulegl Rommel
Casa spel Mir Driessen

Other hotels and group houses. Chalets!

Disentis Sedrun Tourismus (general page and online booking)
All hotels

Camping Fontanivas

Nice camping with little lake, children areas, fireplace and well mantained facilities.
Infos and website

There is a "almost free" possibility at one of the parkings of the cable car station. You will be charged CHF 5.-/day, wich is used mainly for the tourist-tax.
This offer should be used only from pilots and relatives.
- only toilets on the cable car station (closed during the night)
- no showers
You have the possibility for a breakfast-buffet at Hotel Baur (CHF 15.00 per person, groups should register until 18.00 Uhr the evening before)

Included 4 course dinner menu



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