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KÜFFER Michael

Name KÜFFER Michael
Nationality CH - Member of Swiss League
Glider GIN Boomerang 10 24 Green / White
Class Open
Number on Glider 38
Sponsor(s) Gin Gliders
Successes 2015 1st PWC India 3th PWC Switzerland 2014 4th PWC Mexico 2nd Pre-PWC Disentis 6th European Championship Serbia (1st nation) 2013 13th PWC France 12th Superfinal Brazil (without the Enzos...) 2012 6th PWC Macedonia 3rd Swiss Open / PG Swiss Championship 3rd Swiss League Cup 1st Swiss Cup Brigels 2011 2nd Swiss Cup Salève 4th British Open St. Jean 6th Swiss Cup Overall 2010 British Open St. André: 1st. Sport Class & 2nd. Serial Class 2009 2. JLC
WPRS Ranking 27
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