Landing and Headquarter

Landing area and Headquarter is located at Catrina Lodge, 5 min. to walk from the cable car station.
Catrina Lodge, Via Sax 1, 7180 Disentis/Mustér, www.catrina-experience.com/catrina-lodge

How to get there by car

Calculate your trip with google maps:
Google maps

How to get there from the Airport Zürich or Geneva

The train station on both airports is located directly below the ariport. Use the online timetable to calculate your travel:

 Online timetable:
- from: Zürich Airp. (3 hr)
- or from: Geneva Airp. (5:40 hr)
- to: Acla da Fontauna

If you don't find a connection to Acla da Fontauna, try Disentis. The hotel will pick you up at Disentis main station.

Train at Zurich is leaving every hour xx:13 and takes 2:58. The price is CHF 66.00.


Pilots and visitors: There are parkings at Catrina Lodge, but pls. use the parking at the cable car station.

Pls. do not walk directly from HQ to the parkings (we will get problems with the farmer - it is the owner of the landing field).





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