Saturday, August 15

Training Day and Registration

If the weather is ok, we will make a training task.

  • - Meeting 09:30 at headquarter (to get maps and free ticket for the cable car) or 10:30 at the cable car station (there you have to pay your own cable car ticket).
  • - You have to upload the turnpoints yourself from the website.
  • Follow the informations on whatsapp.



  • The chairlift to take off Gendusas will be working only according to our needs.

17.00 to 20.00: Registration

  • Registration is at the Headquarter at Catrina Lodge (Sax).

Late Registration:

  • If the weather is very bad on the first day, you will have the possibility of late registration in the evening prior the first taskable day.

19:00 to 21:00: Opening Aperitif
(stay in your group or wear mask!)

  • Drinks, light food.

21:00: General Briefing  
Read the briefing here!

  • The physical briefing is only attended by pilots who have questions.


Sunday, August 16 to Saturday 22

Competition days (7 possible tasks)

Daily Shedule

From 8:00 Race office opens Catrina Lodge (Sax)
ca 8:00 Informative whatsapp to all pilots  
09:00 - 10:00 Ride up to Middle Station Caischavedra
Lunch Bags
Debriefing, Briefing, Weather, provisional Task
Ride up to take off site Gendusas
Chairlift Caischavedra-Gendusas opens on our needs!
ca. 11.00 Meteo and task briefing Takeoff place Gendusas
afterwards Takeoff  
from 14.00 Barbecue at Landing Place Landing area/race office at Lodge Sax
15.00 - 19.00 Report back (immediately upon landing) Race office at Lodge Sax

Depending on the weather, the schedule might change. Registered pilots are informed via Whatsapp-Group.



Thuesday, August 18: Aperitif with the Board of the Swiss Hangliding Federation

From 18:00 (with light food).

One day during the week: Pilots Party and Spaghetti-Evening

- Pilot Party (big BBQ, Salad-buffet, Relatives may join the pilots party including apéro for a contribution towards expenses of Fr. 30.-. Please announce at registraion at the race office.) 
- Spaghetti-Evening (Spaghetti- and Saladbuffet, natural Water: 15.-)
(the evening with the better weather will be used for Pilots Party)


Saturday, August 22

Prize giving Ceremony

17:00 Aperitiv (Drinks, light food)
18:00 Prize giving Ceremony (non flying: 12:00)

The timing will change according to the task flown.






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