Daily Reports from 2020


The task was set very late, the reason was the pressure difference of s

ometimes more than 4 hectopascals. This can lead to dangerous flight

conditions in this area. After the pressure difference decreased and all

wind values were good, the race committee decided to do a short but

very exciting task. Target was Ilanz, this with a small detour over the

Oberalpstock direction west. The participants had to complete 56 kilometres.

This in partly quite sporty conditions. The fastest completed the task

in 1 hour and 12 minutes!
I congratulate the winners of the day and all those who reached the finish.

Thursday, 20.08

The task today is almost a classic at PWC Disentis. Each time

extremely exciting and with 109.5 kilometres also one

of the longest tasks.Today the conditions were very

exact as the forecast. As expected, the jump into Schanfigg

towards Arosa and the region around Davos was the

decisive region.The leading group with the leaders of the overall

standings made the decisive mistake exactly

at the crossing from Arosa to Davos and Steff Wyss won the race with his brilliant line.

Yael Margelisch was always to be found in the leading group and was able to perfectly

implement her experience in alpine terrain

Wednesday, 19.08

The weather forecast promised good conditions! But already in the morning it was clear that

high clouds would make the day difficult. After the start window was open one of these

high cloud fields reached us. This meant that already the start was a challenge.

During the rest of the race cloud fields and the strong wind disturbed the thermals.

Despite the difficult conditions, 74 of 109 pilots who started reached the finish line.


Best mastered the task:

1. Tilen CEGLAR


3. Charles CAZAUX




2. Laurie GENOVESE



Pepe Malecki is looking forward to the task


Tuesday, 18.08

The weather forecast promised a small window in the afternoon that would allow a task.

Unfortunately a rain cell arrived exactly at the start time above the starting area and made a regular run impossible.
Nevertheless the pilots took the opportunity for a small training flight.

The weather for tomorrow looks good! Let's hope that the conditions will be better now.



Monday, 17.08

The weather forecast was too bad to say a task on. Already in the morning there were rain showers.

In the afternoon the weather became better.

Towards evening rain showers reached us again. The pilots were doing other sports activities.

Kiting, biking or mini golf were very popular. Other pilots measured and trimmed their gliders in a room.

We hope for a good task tomorrow!


Sunday, 16.08

Task 1
Today's task led the pilots from Disentis to Schiers, 73 kilometres away.
The task was set so because of the imminent early thunderstorms and the wind. At 12.00 the start was scheduled. The base was around 2900 meters, but the thermals in the area around Flims were very weak and unpredictable. The fast pilots were severely punished, for most of them the day was over around Ilanz / Domat. Those who had patience and flew high had better chances. Stephan Morgenthaler proved his skills and flew his own route which led to success. He was the only pilot to reach the finish line by the deadline.

Stephan Morgenthaler im Endanflug


Saturday, 15.8.

Today the training task was flown in ideal conditions. The pilots were given a task over 81 kilometres, which was easy to fly in these conditions.
Tomorrow the first evaluated run will take place.





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