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Task 3

20. August 2020

Thorsten Siegel shows us left how cool the task was.

The task today is almost a classic at PWC Disentis. Each time

extremely exciting and with 109.5 kilometres also one

of the longest tasks.Today the conditions were very

exact as the forecast. As expected, the jump into Schanfigg

towards Arosa and the region around Davos was the

decisive region.The leading group with the leaders of the overall

standings made the decisive mistake exactly

at the crossing from Arosa to Davos and Steff Wyss won the race with his brilliant line.

Yael Margelisch was always to be found in the leading group and was able to perfectly

implement her experience in alpine terrain. Congratulations to both winners!

The results are here !

 Steff Wyss

Steff Wyss

Yael Margelisch

Yael Margelisch

Die Aufgabe

Task 3

New task, same target

20. August 2020

Task 4

Meteo and preview:

Until noon in the east (Flims-Davos) still cloud fields
1-2/8 Cumulus rising to 3300
Individual overdevelopments possible at the very east
Thermal weak to moderate, relatively ! late start

Pressure gradient increases from 3 to 4hp south overpressure

Wind from here to Calanda:
No or weak valley winds, in Chur ev weak south wind
2000m 15kmh SW
3000m 20-25kmh SW

East of the Rhine the SW wind should be weaker. Davos should have weak, normal valley wind (north) at 15h.

I expect that we will fly to Davos and land in Schiers.


Task 3

The day looks good!

19. August 2020

Task 3

Today was a task over 62.2 kilometers to fly. in what were at first very weak conditions.

High cloud cover hindered the development of good thermals. So before the actual start of the race,

some pilots were still on the ground. The pilots who took advantage of every little climb were

rewarded with better and better conditions. On the way from the first waypoint to the second,

a fast flight tactic took its toll again.In addition, the wind was strong in the deeper air layers

and suppressed the thermals. Those who flew high and could fly to the south side of the valley

found good conditions. Whoever had achieved this could fly quickly to the finish.




Task 3

the day is cancelled

18. August 2020

Task 2 is canceled. The weather forecast said we have a window to fly a valid task.

Unfortunately a rain cell hit us exactly at the planned start time.

So the conditions for a fair task were no longer given.

Many pilots decided to fly to the landing field in Disentis. In a relaxed atmosphere

the participants now enjoy the afternoon off. We hope for tomorrow!

Task Komitee Task 2

the day is cancelled

17. August 2020

Today the weather is rainy. We cannot fly a task.

The decision whether we can fly tomorrow will be made tonight.





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