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Disentis Open in 79s
from Niels Dachler


Surselva Flaigers

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Task 5 in Disentis

Last task at the Swiss Open 2018 in Disentis. Yael Margelisch and Stephan Morgenthaler are the new Swiss Champions.


- Results task 5 and overall

- Photos task 5 (Martin Scheel)

- Photos task 5 (Andy Busslinger)

- Movie: Boris Zeltner

Livetracking Task 5

Task 5 of Swiss Open 2018 in Disentis. Livetracking of task you can find here.

Infos Saturday

Medium cloud cover and Cirrus from 12 am to 4 pm. Cumulus with base of 2200m rising to 2400m. Weak thermals, with full sunlight moderate thermals. No precipitation.


Wind: Generally weak. Moderate valley winds, 2000m hardly wind, 3000m (we will hardly reach this level) WSW, 10kn.


We go up at 10:00.

Briefing Caischavedra 10:30 am.


We wil land at Disentis.

Infos for Saturday

Tomorrow we expect a task in the Surselva with landing in Disentis. Around 14:30 the first pilots will arrive.

More information this evening.

Infos Friday

Decision: The day is canceled.


The main reason is the fact that the chance of a round is only 30% (or less, the prognosis has once again worsened). 30% for a bad (unsporting) task is not enough, because we already had 4 good tasks.


Free flying:
If you want to go up at 2 p.m., please register with me.


Guest card:
Many offers are free of charge. Information for hiking, biking, climbing in the brochures in the HQ.


In the afternoon we make a transport to Chur (climbing hall, shopping). Departure 14 o'clock in the Sax, return 18 o'clock from Chur.


Tonight, 19h:

Salad, Chicken-Curry, Dessert for CHF 19.




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