General Briefing

Welcome to Disentis!

- Marc Demont, President of the local Club
- Michaela Fürer (only first days), Heinz Schlauri, Uwe Schneller, Dani Graf (Safety, Social Media and Website), Karin Koch (Caischavedra) and Richi Imstepf (Marquee), Pauli Manetsch, Maya Fetz (Retrieve), Matthias Koch (Tracker), Heinz Blatter and Peter Stierli (drivers), and the young Isabelle Fetz and Franca Demont (Coffee at Caischavedra)!

All together more then 30 assistants! Many thanks to all of them!

And Jörg Ewald: Jörg makes the scoring for us (remote - but perfect)


  • Jack&Jones (Davide Licini)
  • Niviuk
  • Gin Gliders
  • La Sportiva
  • Valser (Coca Cola)
  • Kaffeepause (Mark Raddatz)
  • Digital Republic

And the big support of Sedrun-Disentis Tourism, the area Graubünden and the Swiss Hangliding Federation.

Information, Communication

We use a Telegramm Group for all Infos (meteo, timing, task-file and so on). You can register yourself with this link:

Open chat:


Our Website (program) is up to date. These two evenings will be planned according to the weather:

  • Pilotenabend (BBQ).
  • Spaghettiplausch (CHF 15 instead of 22) Tomorrow, Monday. Registration until Monday, 9:00.


Only for Camper-Vans and Minibusses. No Tents (it is a political issue).
10.-/p/night, excl. tourist tax
- Please pay your amount at Catrina Lodge. You will get a receipt, which must be placed under the windscreen.
- only 1 shower (please respect women :-))
- toilets are open during the night
- cleaning once / day (from the Loge)

- HQ: Will be published on Telegram
- all along the cable-car (first login is difficult, you find the information at the cable car station)
- free Sim-Cards from Digital Republic (help for activation)

You can leave your gliders downstairs at HQ

Transport from the campsite
If necessary, we will organise transport in the morning. 
There are 4 pilots on Camping Viva.

Lunch Bags
Lunch bags are no longer included in the entry fee. 

Sandwiches at Caischavedra
If you want a sandwich, it's better to order (and pay for) it the day before.

Coffee, tee and croissant at middle station
Thanks to our sponsor we will have 3 Coffee machines in the middle station for good coffee.  

Coffee and drinks in the marquee:
Thanks to our sponsors we can offer this at CHF 1.00. 
You can consume whatever you want in the tent. But not on the terrace of the restaurant. Thank you!




  • Please remember your tracker number.
  • The trackers will be handed out at the take off.
  • Switch on tracker before start (left button, then right button / short operating instructions).
  • most trackers you cannot switch off yourself
  • Tracker return: Normally at HQ.



Main radiosystem is PMR
- PMR 8-38 (446.09375 / 250.3)
- Infos to PMR
- 157 400 (limited)


- Meteo-Briefing ONLY AT TELEGRAM in the morning. Short update at Briefing.
   - User:
   - Key: DO20


- Official photographer is Andy Busslinger
- Free download of our photos for privat use, sponsors, newspapers AFTER the comp.


Safety phone (Dani Graf) +41 77 478 39 02 
Headquarter and Retrieve phone  +41 77 275 18 03


- Download the REGA-App (Swiss phone numbers only).
- Download for other phone Numbers
You can call emergency with sliding one bar.
- Extreme Emergencys:
    1414 (Swiss phones)
    112 (this goes to the police, but will be forwarded) or +41 333 333 333
- "normal" accidents: Call the safety number. We will act accordingly and call the REGA if you are safe.
- Tree landings and rescue: Call us! We have professional tree operators and we will inform the REGA about the incident.

Rules > General info > Rules

TBS with progress bonus.
Informations to TBS and the progress bonus: > General info > Rules

Flight Area

Flight area Disentis - Flight Area Disentis

Airspace - Airspace

Wildlife protection - Wildlife

Map with valley wind systems and downwind zones
- valley wind systems
- downwind-zones

Short introduction to the area
by Cross Country Magazine


Thank you! Lets have a good and safe week!




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