Payment Infos


Registation fee: CHF 290.-
- Reduced registration fee for foreign pilots (living outside Switzerland): 250 Euro
- Free entry for pilots on WPRS < 50 (ranking  2022-05-01)


You can pay via Paypal or to our Banc Account. In both cases it is recomendet to send us an   to make sure, that we can control and allocate the receipt of payment. We will update the pilot status at least every Friday and set it to "paid".


Payment with Paypal (preferred):


Registration Fee Disentis Open 2022



Payment to our Banc Account:

  Verein Disentis Open
Martin Scheel, Oberalpstr. 42, 7000 Chur
IBAN: CH71 0077 4010 3207 1120 0
BIC (Swift): GRKBCH2270A
Graub. Kantonalbank, 7002, Chur




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