We publisch all weather reports on the website of the Swiss League about 8 o'clock in the morning.

We will also do the weather briefing before 8 a.m. on Telegram.

We will only publish an update at the briefing.

Pls. note, that the global model EZ (german EZMWF, engl. ECMWF) and the following regional models COSMO and the thermal prognosis REGTHERM are very good, but not available on free websites. To get the forcasts, you have to get a login at MeteoSwiss or DWD (CHF 100 / year). We will publish images on the website of the Swiss League.

We work closely with MeteoSchweiz. Normally we can call directly to experts in free flying forcasts!    


Pass: DO20

Compilation for nowcasting (current weather)

Compilation for "today" (from 6:30 in the morning)

Compilation for "tomorrow" (from 17:30 in the afternoon)

 Current weather

Satelite image Sat 24

Radar (Radar aktuell, Prognosis 30 Std, Top Archiv)

Special wind competition-site (SHV) for Surselva (no login required, put this link to your bookmarks)

Webcams Disentis

Swisswebcams (click "Webcams", search on the map)


Clouds, 30 hour prognosis (MeteoSwiss, COSMO 2, prepared from

Precipitation, Radar and 372 hour prognosis (MeteoSwiss, COSMO 2, prepared from

Short and medium range forcast




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