Daily Reports


08.08.2022 Task 1 60.2 Kilometres


The morning started with a very low base as it rained during the night. But the weather forecast looked good. Light north wind, good thermals and no rain tendency.

The base altitude rose rapidly in the course of the morning. A minimum base altitude of 2800 metres was required for the planned task. This was reached at noon and we were able to take off. By the time of the airstart at 2 p.m. the base had risen to 3200 metres, and in the further course on the south side up to 3400 metres. Together with the strong thermals, it was possible to fly very quickly.
As the end of speed section was already reached on the south side, some pilots took the opportunity to make a trip over the beautiful glacier landscape near Piz Medel before the finish.
Thus, the organisation team was able to welcome many happy pilots at the landing site in Disentis.





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