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Task 1 Review

today's task was planned just right.
Due to the light north wind, the thermals on the north side of the Surselva were disturbed.

On the south side, the conditions were much better. Strong thermals and base altitudes around 3400 metres ensured fast progress.

The fastest took around 80 minutes for the 60 kilometres. All but a few participants reached the finish.

Congratulations to all who were able to enjoy the day.

The results are still provisional.

Task 1 Overall Prov.

Task 1 Female Prov.

Task 1 SportsClass Prov.

Task 1 Junior Prov.

Disentis Open 2022 Task 1

The task is set.
Airstart expected at 14.00.
60 kilometres to the south, a nice task to start with.


Free places and good weather forecast

There are free places and the weather report is pretty good!

Registration on the Swiss League website:
Registration Disentis Open 2022

Website updated

This website is up to date. 

Urgent note:
In order to be able to respond to the current situation, we will publish the Airspace for Wildlife protection only shortly before the start!

Registration on the Swiss League website:
Registration Disentis Open 2022

I don't think, that we will have a problem with selection. If you like to be sure about your personal selection, ask me.


Disentis Open 2022, 7.-13.8.22

This season we will hold a "normal" Open. With informative briefings and tasks optimally adapted to the weather. The tasks will be at about the same level as on a Swiss championship, and in the briefings we will go into more detail about the respective flight tasks.

Registration on the Swiss League website is open:
Registration Disentis Open 2022

The infos on the Swiss League website are correct. This website I will update until the end of January.





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