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The 2021 Superfinal is over

The 2021 Superfinal is over

After the last task of the 2021 Superfinal could not be flown due to weather reasons, the results are now final.
With seven flights, we can look back on a great competition. The conditions were partly difficult, partly very pleasant. Nevertheless, the best of the best had a neck-and-neck race and well-deserved winners can be crowned. We look back on the 10 days with a crying and a laughing eye. Crying because the competition is already over, laughing because we had a great time with great people. Without an accident, all pilots can return home healthy and satisfied. We are already looking forward to the 2022 edition and will do our best again.


Results Task 8

Task 8

Short but very exciting task. The task setters set the task in such a way that two lines would have been possible. Steff Wyss was the only pilot who decided to fly the southern line, so it was very difficult for him to fly fast. Unfortunately, his courage was not rewarded. The crowd is always right, and today was no exception. The fastest pilots completed the task with an average speed of 30.5 km/h, which is quite slow for such a short task. The conditions were quite weak and the winds came from different directions. It should also be noted that the 9 hpa pressure difference in Disentis was practically not noticeable. Congratulations to the winners.


Task 8

Top 8 overall

2nd Honorin HAMARD
3rd Pierre REMY

Top 3 ladies

3rd Nanda WALLISER

Top 3 teams

1st Ozone
2nd Niviuk 
3rd Gin Gliders 



1 France

2 Switzerland

3 Italy



Task 8

Task 8 is set

a zig zag task in the Surselva, first towards Brigels, back, again towards Brigels and landing in Disentis. 



A weakly active occlusion crossed the northern side of the Alps during the night. Behind it, a high-pressure cone extends from the Atlantic to the Alpine area. However, stabilisation and drying will be slow and mainly in the higher air layers. Towards evening
a branch of the jet stream will approach Switzerland from Germany.

North overpressure 8 hp (in the ground field). Decreasing

In the morning low clouds, dissolving at noon. In the afternoon high clouds (shading is uncertain).
Subsidence, warm air advection in the upper layer
Thermal top 2800m, but difficult to reach.
Later in the afternoon the thermals become worse again (probably quite good for 2 hrs, then stabilising).

Valley winds, Strength increasingly
Up to 2200m north-east, above north-west, both relatively light.
3000m 9kn NW

The task can be tracked live at:


Google Earth




Today the PWC is taking a rest day, the weather is not good enough for a task. The pilots enjoy the beautiful area and do ground handling with their gliders. Let's see if a task can be flown tomorrow.


Task 7

Task 7 is set

The task goes relatively straight to Bonaduz and then to the landing in Cazis.The pilots will cover 62 kilometres. The task offers the possibility of two routes, which will be very exciting.  One route is shorter but goes over thermally not so active area, the other route is longer and is on the thermally active side. We will see what the fastest will choose.



Very warm and somewhat unstable air will be brought to the Alps with a westerly high-altitude current. Today, Sunday, the high pressure area in the Alpine region will gradually weaken. This will increase the tendency for thunderstorms.

Quick formation of 2-3/8 cumulus, base 3500m and higher
Later in the afternoon spreading clouds.
At certain times cirrus clouds, but hardly dampening the radiation

Thermals 1-2m/s after 11, 2-4 m/s and more from 12

Cosmo 1 model makes showers early, from west to east, Disentis at 13h. Probably it is less as expected.

Winds at 14h:
Relatively weak valley winds, Chur 25 km/h
SW, 10-15kmh
SW, 15-20km/h
W, 25-35km/h
Föhn will be early at Disentis


The task can be tracked live at:


Google Earth





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