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Kaffeepause: Top Coffee for 1.-

"Mieten Sie Ihre Kaffeemaschine bei Ob für Ihre Veranstaltung für einen Tag oder über längere Zeit für Ihr Büro oder zu Hause. Die Maschinen von Jura oder Lavazza decken sicher auch Ihre Bedürfnisse ab. Im Gesamtpaket mit unseren Kaffeebohnen in Top Qualität geniessen Sie traumhaften Kaffee."

Kaffeepause supports the Superfinal with coffee machines and beans. Thanks to Kaffeepause, we will offer the best coffee for 1.- (Kässeli) in the marquee!

World Cup Superfinal, 8. - 18.8.2021

It is a great honour for us to host the 2021 Superfinal.

The Superfinal is also called the PWC World Championship. For corona reasons for this Superfinal the World Cup results from both years, 2019 and 2020, and from the World Cups that may take place in 2021 until August, count for selection. The Superfinal has a higher pilot level than a World Championship and is extremely well regarded internationally.

The Superfinal will last 10 days, from Sunday 8 to Wednesday 18 August 2021, with a training day at Saturday 7.

Check out our concept and sponsorship docu.


Congratulations to the winners!


1.   Stephan MORGENTHALER       CHE       Enzo 3/GR4

2.   Luc ARMANT                           FRA       Enzo 3/Exoceat

3.   Charles CAZAUX                       FRA       Enzo 3/Exoceat



1.   Seiko FUKUOKA NAVILLE       FRA        Enzo 3/Exoceat

1.   Yael MARGELISCH                   CHE        Enzo 3/XR7

3.   Laurie GENOVESE                    FRA        Enzo 3/Kanibal














22. August 2020

Today is the last day of the Disentis Open,
the weather is not good enough to do another task.

Rain at noon is not an ideal condition. A wonderful PWC

comes to an end, we are looking forward to the award ceremony!








Task 4

21. August 2020

A big task for this day! The Taskseters have done everything right.

After the uncertainty with the wind, an exciting task was created,

which ended for almost all pilots at the finish. The conditions were

partly quite strong, but no problem for all pilots. The fastest pilots

today were Honorin HAMARD and Laurie GENOVESE, congratulations

to the day's victory!


Meteo and Info Friday


Relative ! late start of thermal, moderate thermals
1-2/8 Cumulus Base 3500 - 3700, in the High Alps up to 3900
(note the maximum height of 3950)


At 14 h the valley winds are still reversed (foehn direction). Not very strong. But in Chur I expect 20kmh south.
2000m 15kmh SW
3000m little wind
4000m 15kmh SW


This foehn situation decreases in the afternoon from 15h, 16h. In the heights the wind turns to W, in the valleys the valley wind begins.


Due to relatively late beginning of the thermals, we can probably wait a little with the start. But probably the wind at the launch site will become too strong from 13h, and the SW wind breaks from Lukmanier to Disentis and further down.

Exciting conditions for an interesting task!











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