We fly mainly according to the Swiss Competition Rules.

In case of undefined problems, we will use CIVL Section 7 or the General Section, or the PWCA-Rules to solve the problem.

FTV: Yes, we will use FTV to get a discard! The FTV “reject rate” is set to 20%.

We fly with GAP 2018

70km nominal Dist., 1:40 nominal Time, 30% Goal, 5km min. Dist, 95% Take Off

Distance Setting is WGS84 (not FAI-Sphere!)

Tolerance 0,5% -> all devices can be used. Tolerance can be removed if WGS84 is set in the device. It is on your own risk.

Control of Hight:

- At Take Off at the Taskboard
- Put it correctly in your Instrument! You can fly with your altitude
- Evaluation with QNE (neutral)
- Igc files only with baro-altitude
- If you have a turnpoint-error, you can give us any instrument


of airspace infrigements: 1pt/mt


Important: If there are any doubts, ask before the end of the briefing or at least prior the start of a tasks. We will not cancel a task or disqualify a major part of the pilots because of unclear or undefined rules.



















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