Value Card

Official carrier is the public transport with RHB, MGB and Postauto.

You have got a value-card with 6 fields during registration. Wherever you are, you can devalue one field and jump in any public transport of RHB, MGB and Postauto. You will find stations almost on every possible place.


We will charge CHF 20 as deposit, because we need the cards urgently back before you leave back home.


From Landquart to Chur the regional RHB runs parallel to the Swiss SBB. With your value card you are only allowed to use the RHB! If you get in troubles, you have real troubles. They will try to charge you CHF 90 as a fine. Call me, if this is the case... This is the map of the train system (additionally there are Cars, called Postauto, to every settlement):


Online Timetables

You can use the online timetable to plan your trip back.

Or you can use: (description at your waypoint-map)
- Click the „Locate me“ button
- Click on „Route“ button
- Click on the map and choose „Train“
- Enter „Acla da Fontaun“ as destination

You will get your next connections back to HQ
Never forget to devalue one field on your value-card before entereing a train!
In case of problems, call the HQ.




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