This meteowebsite will be under permanent development. Pls. note, that the global model EZ (german EZMWF, engl. ECMWF, located at Reading in GB) and the following regional models COSMO and the thermal prognosis REGTHERM are very good, but not available on free websites. To get the forcasts, you have to get a login at MeteoSwiss or DWD (CHF 100 / year). We try to display all freely available COSMO-forcasts.

We work closely with MeteoSchweiz. Normally we can call directly to experts in free flying forcasts!    


Pass: DO19

Current weather

Satelite image Sat 24

Radar (Radar aktuell, Vorhersage 30 Std, Top Archiv)

Current Wind and past Wind with Diagramms

Special wind compsite (SHV) for Surselva (no login required, put this link to your bookmarks)

Graubünden (MeteoSchweiz)
Crap Masegn (good station at 2500m near Illanz, MeteoSchweiz)
Southeast of Switzerland
Tujetsch Crispalt (Sedrun at 3000m, SLF)
Puzzetta (Lukmanier, 2425m, SLF)
Piz Aul (Vals at 3121m, SLF)
Weissfluhjoch (Davos, 2693m, SLF)
Piz Martegnas (Savognin, 2450m, SLF)

Some stations from Clubs (JDC)
Phone-Net for Pilots

Webcams in our flight area

Gendusas (Take Off), view to Ilanz
Piz Mundaun, Obersaxen
Brigels (Middle Station)
Flims-Laax-Crap Sogn Gion (diffrent good cams)
Prättigau (Schiers, diffrent cams)
Davos (diffrent cams)

Other Webcams

Niesen to Interlaken and Grindelwald, Niesen to Thun
Locarno (Tessin)
Swisswebcams (search by entering youe destination in the URL)
Webcams Topin

Short therm prognosis (36 hours)

Thermal Prognosis (from GME -> COSMO DE -> REGTHERM)

NZZ (only the summary)
Segelflugwetterbericht (written from MeteoSchweiz, for SHV Members only)
Written from Stefan Neyer, Schänis

MeteoSchweiz (Models: EZ -> COSMO 2)

Clouds, 30 hour prognosis (MeteoSwiss, COSMO 2, prepared from
Precipitation, Radar and 30 hour prognosis (MeteoSwiss, COSMO 2, prepared from

Short and medium range forcast

Swiss television SRF
(they work with many models, including COSMO, good prognosis)

Overview, short- medium- and long range prognosis

Meteotest (Models: GFS -> developped WRF)

Andy Aebi runs the flight scool Flugbasis. Together with Meteotest he displayes some of the best WRF-Prognosis for free-flight:
Wind 10m, 850hp, 700hp
Clouds in diffrent altitudes
And much more.


All 3 are more or less the same, unfortunately it exists confusions with these names. It is the best thermal prognosis, coming from MeteoSchweiz, DWD and Austrocontrol, but it is not freely available. We will display it regurarely at our weather-reports.

Moloch (local model)

Italian. Nice maps, high resolution. Input data from GFS.
Moloch from ISAC

RASP thermal-prognosis von Luca Aucello

Soar-WRF for Disentis 
Soar-WRF Switzerland
(Jean Oberson - unfortunately the data is from the day before)

Meteo Parapente, including Windgram and Emagramm-Prognosis.
Modèle RASP (WRF-ARW) 2.5km de Nicolas Baldeck.


Medium range forecast (3 days)

Föhndiagramm of Meteocentrale

(The forecasted pressure gradient between Lugano and Zurich, on the basis of the MOS-data of the ECMWF-model, shows the flow over the Alps.)

COSMO 7 (EZ-data)

Cloud cover from Meteoschweiz


Regional-models from Météo-France, ZAMG (Wien),  CHMI (Prag) and others. Input Data from ECMWF.

WRF with the data of EZMWF (data from the day before).

Meteoblue (Models: GFS -> developped WRF)

Diffrent charts for Switzerland (Clouds, Wind 10m 800hp 700hp, Precipitation)
Air meteogram

Wetterzentrale WRF (normal WRF, Input GFS)

Wind 10m, 925hp, 850hp, 700hp
Clouds Low, Medium, High

Meteociel, WRF: 
Previ Emagramm (click in to the image)
Previ-Emagramm for Illanz

Bolam (medium range model) and Moloch (local model)

Italian. Nice maps, high resolution. Input data from GFS.
BOLAM from Meteo Liguria
Overview at ISAC

Long therm prognosis

14 Day Prognosis of Meteoblue.

GFS (Global Forecast System, old name AVN) from the US - NCEP

GFS data are free available. Therefor they are used from hundrets of weather-websites and apps.

EZ (Integrated Forecast System EZMWF, Reading, engl. ECMWF)

GME (the global model of the German DWD)

One of the best websites with diffrent models:

Weatheronline (nice, because we get wind and clouds in diffrent layers)



Other usefull links

 Wind at Airport Grenchen
(click on the image to open the short therm prognosis)




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