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Saturday, 24.8.

Last task at the Disentis Open 2019. At 11:30 am was the start of the 62km task. First we went to Sedrun, from there to Brigels, back to Piz Muraun and over Alp Glivers (Sumvitg) to the Goal in Disentis.


The start and the way to Brigels was easy to fly. The way back was not easy with the moderate south wind. In the direction of Piz Muraun the pilots reported partly demanding conditions.


Adrian Hachen won today's task with almost 4 minutes in lead. Among the women Nanda Walliser won again. The pricegiving will take place at about 17 o'clock.


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Friday, 23.8.

Today we had another great task over 74km at the Disentis Open 2019.


Like yesterday we started at 11:30 a.m. at the starting place Gendusas. Task 3 led us first to the Oberalppass, from there a little further than Brigels, back to Alp Nadéls and from there via Alp Glivers (Sumvitg) back to Disentis.


Below it was as yesterday rather stable but you came up again. In the altitude it was pleasant to fly again today. Many pilots reached the goal.


Stephan Morgenthaler and Nanda Walliser won task 3. Tomorrow the last task of the Disentis Open will take place.

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Thursday, 22.8.

The weather looks very good this morning. At 11:30 the pilots started for the second task at the Disentis Open 2019. The task led first to Sedrun, then to Alp Schlans, back to Disentis and then to Piz Nadéls. From there we made the final approach over Alp Glivers (Sumvitg) to Goal in Disentis.


Under 2200m it was extremely stable and hardly anyone could climb up again. Already before the race start top pilots had to land. Over 2200m it went well and the conditions were pleasant to fly. Unfortunately many pilots did not made goal.


The task was won by Michael Maurer and Nanda Walliser. The weather for tomorrow looks good.

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Wednesday, 21.8.

Today is the first day at the Disentis Open 2019. We go up to the middle station at 9:30 a.m. and do the briefing. Because of many clouds a short and simple task to Brigels and back to Disentis is defined.


After the briefing the long wait began, because exactly around the starting place the clouds remained stubbornly hanging. After 14 o'clock we decided to walk down and start under the cloud base. Slowly all pilots came into the air and flew the task. The pilots report of brisk valley wind and partly turbulent sections. The task was not easy to fly because of the deep cloud base.


About 15 pilots made goal. Stephan Morgenthaler was at the same time with Adrian Hachen in the goal. No women made it to goal. Results will follow later.

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Tuesday, 20.8.

Rain all day. Some pilots went to Chur to the climbing hall, other to the Sportcenter.
Registration at 17-20 h, Apero with light food at 19 h.



Monday, 19.8.

Some pilots went to the launch site at noon and made a small flight. A task would not have been possible.




Sunday, 18.8.

Because of the tendency of foen (up to 7hp), some of us go to Ticino, Cimetta. The thermal conditions were weak, but in Ticino there were flights over 100km from San Bernadino.
In Disentis (despite the high pressure difference) a short flight to Flims would have been possible. In Chur the Föhn blew with about 40 kmh.



Saturday, 17.8.

"Unofficial Training Day". We go up with about 20 pilots and can make a nice flight. Unfortunately the shadings are so strong that the best pilot only fly to Trun.
After all, nowhere in Switzerland is flying further than here: XContest

Photo: Andreas



Thursday and Friday, 15., 16.8.

Due to the bad, even catastrophic weather forecasts for Monday and Tuesday, the start is postponed to Wednesday (registration Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning).




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