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Disentis Open in 79s
from Niels Dachler


Surselva Flaigers

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Infos Friday

Decision: The day is canceled.


The main reason is the fact that the chance of a round is only 30% (or less, the prognosis has once again worsened). 30% for a bad (unsporting) task is not enough, because we already had 4 good tasks.


Free flying:
If you want to go up at 2 p.m., please register with me.


Guest card:
Many offers are free of charge. Information for hiking, biking, climbing in the brochures in the HQ.


In the afternoon we make a transport to Chur (climbing hall, shopping). Departure 14 o'clock in the Sax, return 18 o'clock from Chur.


Tonight, 19h:

Salad, Chicken-Curry, Dessert for CHF 19.

Infos Thurseday

Today it's canceled. Weather report at


New movie from ON AIR Production AG...

  • Debriefing from yesterday and information for Friday will be at 18:00 in the tent.
  • The "Pilot Dinner" starts at 19:00. Friends and relatives please pay CHF 30 before dinner at the HQ. Children are free.


On Friday:

Probably we go up at 10 o'clock, briefing Caischavedra 10:30. Next info Friday 08:00 o'clock.


Task 4 in Disentis

Task 4 from Disentis to Schiers.

- Results task 4 and overall

- Movie task 4 (Boris Zeltner)

- Photos task 4 (Martin Scheel)

- Meteo for Thursday at


Some of you can not deactivate single airspaces. We have uploaded new airspace files without X99. You find it here...


Infos Wednesday

The clouds should loosen up again, today a little earlier. Weather report at


We go up at 09:30.
Briefing Caischavedra 10:00.


Task 3 in Disentis

Task 3 at Swiss Open 2018.

- Report

- Results task 3 and overall

- Photos task 3 (Martin Scheel)

- Photos task 3 (Andy Busslinger)

- Meteo for Wednesday at


Important: X99 (Segnaspass) is no longer active!





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