- Overdevelopment in the afternoon, after 14h it has to be whatched
- Westerly winds, 3000m: SW, 10kmh, later more
- Thermal activity starts pretty early
- Clouds along the relief, later Congestus
- Cloud Base 3200m. The thermals will be strong.
I would believe, that we can fly, we should be early. Because of the high Base and the wind, probably it is good to fly towards NE.

- Pretty nice weather, but:
- Heavy overdevelopment in the afternoon.
- Normal Winds in the lower levels
- Base at 2500m? Or higher (I believe higher)
- 3000m: 25kmh SW (little bit more wind as Friday)

The prognosis looks bad.
Clouds 11h above 1500, afternoon 2000.
Rain. Not a lot, but it will be wet.
Jura: Probably too much Bise/NE-Wind
Tessin: Northwind
I don't believe, that a flight is possible. Almost sure no task. Maybe in the late afternoon a soaring flight at T

Looks good, but we should be early

Next frontal system is arriving, maybe we can do a short flight to Ilanz

Gets better late (maybe)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Looks better, good, but it is too early to make a prognosis.



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