Weather report Friday and Saturday


Cloud Cover in different layers over hole Switzerland (and more...)
Rain in our area from 13h on



The models are much worse as yesterday (the hole week they getting worse and worse)
- possible rain in the morning
- 5-6 hp Pressure-Difference North-South
- NW-Wind in lower levels, difficult to predict where and how
- 3000m: 20kn NW-Wind in our area
- Cloud cover in the north, in the morning rain and cloudy at our area.

The thing is:

Without humidity we would not have a chance for a task because of the north-wind. If the clouds disappear, the conditions will be too turbulent. So I can not really say, if the additional humidity is good or bad. If it does not rain Saturday morning, I am optimistic. If it rains, the possible start will eb delayed too much (our area is not good for late starts in northerly conditions).