Weather report Wednesday

After a cold-front during the night, last showers will be at Disentis in the early morning.

The cloud banks in the south will remain and clouds will cover our area mostly (5-7/8). This clouds will have a base of 2700m (this has nothing to do with thermal-cloudbase).

Almost no thermals because of thees clouds. Further east, there is more sun and a thermal-cloudbase of 2700m.

In the north of the Alps a 2000m-thik cold airmass will push in to the alps. Therefor we have probably not a real Foen. In our area we believe, that this airmass will have a hight of 1500m and therefor we have not a lot of wind at 1500m.

Above 2200m: 9h variabel, 14h: SSW 15kn.

And one more factor to make it complicated: From the south a low cold airmass will push over the Lukmanier to Disentis towards afternoon ...

Did you understand all this? ... Pretty complicated... and finally it often comes different as it looks.

To say it easy:
At Disentis we have clouds, therefor the thermals (if there are thermals) do not get high enough to get in to the wind ... But the chance for a valid task is small ...

We go up at 10, Briefing at Caischavedra 10:45.
These times will be confirmed tomorrow morning, probably it will be later.

Next days
Thursday: Rain
Friday: Rain at the north, clouds at the Surselva, very small chance for a task.
Saturday: Clouds in the north, sunny Surselva, problem with northerly winds.