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Name WITSCHI Michael
Nationality CH - Member of Swiss League
Glider Gin Boomerang 10 M Green, White
Class Open
Number on Glider 1
Sponsor(s) witschibau.ch; saij.ch
Homepage http://www.witschibau.ch
Successes 10th at the Worldcup Val Louron, France, 2013 8th at the Swiss Championships in Meiringen 2013 5th at the Worldcup USA Sun Valley, 2012 3rd at Swiss Championships 2011 2nd at Swiss Championships 2010 2n at Swiss League Cup 2010 6th at Swiss Championships 2009 Winner of the Valadares Open 2007; 4th at the European Championship 2006; 10th PWC Overall 2005; 4 tasks won during PWC 2005; 6th PWC Italy 2005; 8th PWC Portugal 2005; 4th Swiss Championships 04; 1st Junior Challenge 03; 3rd Pre-PWC Dominican Republic 04
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