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Disentis Open in 79s
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Swiss Open 2016, July 26th to August 1st 2016

Latest News


Monday canceled, Tuesday looks ok

Monday canceled:
The cloud base will be too low until afternoon, it is not worth to go to Disentis for a flight.
If you like to fly, you better go to Fiesch :-) See Top Task - image.

Tuesday looks ok for the training day.

Wednesday ok for the first task.

Weather report Friday evening

Unfortunately the weather looks not so good for Monday. You better go flying further west of Switzerland. I will let you know more precisely tomorrow, Saturday evening (Information only on the Website).

The plan for Tuesday does not change yet. Maybe we delay our start, but it looks flyable and we go up. But as on Monday, the west side of Switzerland looks better for distance flights.

Next Info: Saturday evening

Weather report and some Infos

From Monday on, the weather looks more or less Ok for flying :-).


  • If the weather is ok, we will make a first in-official flying day. For maps and waypoints you have to check our website:

IMPORTANT: Pls send me a e-mail, if you like to join this flying day.


  • 8:30 we will give you the chance to upload the official waypoint-file and get the map. 
  • 10:00 we will go up together and maybe we set a training-task.
  • 17.00 to 20.00: Registration
  • 19:00 to 21:00: Opening Aperitif, Drinks, light food 
  • 21:00: General Briefing

Wednesday, normal timetable: 

Programm / Timetable

Next information-mail will be published Friday.

Payment in progress

We are at 140 registred pilots, but only 80 did pay jet. As from now on it is “First come first served”. When the maximum number of participants is reached, you are considered according to the payment date.

If you are looking for payment informations, you find them here.

Registration is running

You can register at our registration form.

Important informations for pilots:

- Registered pilots
Location (where is Disentis, how to get there)
- Accomodation
- all about the Pre PWC 2014 (tasks, weather, infos)
all about the PWC 2015 (tasks, weather, infos)

Pilots, pls. note, that the Turnpoint-Liste is not final yet (espeacially the forbidden wild live-zone)




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