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Disentis Open in 79s
from Niels Dachler
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Welcome to Disentis Open 2014

Latest News

Worldcup 2015

One of the stations of the Paragliding World Cup 2015 will be held in Disentis

8. to 15. August 2015

(8. August will be official training and registration)

Candidature for the World Championships 2017


Candidature World Championships 2017 (pdf 5mb)

Presentation at General Assembly Belgrad (pdf 9mb)

There where candidatures from Italy, Slovenia, Brazil, Turkey, Portugal and Switzerland.
The World Championships 2017 has been awarded to Italy - congratulation!

Markus Wicki and Emanuelle Zufferey are the Winners!

After e second stonnishing Acro show of Michael Maurer and Adrian Hachen the Prize Giving could be held at half past 5.

Markus Wicki (Overall), Tom Voisin (Sport) and Emanuelle Zufferey are the Winners of the Disentis Open 2015.

Kurzbericht Deutsch


Fotos of the hole event

Now, after the event, we sorted the News to see the important ones first.

Friday Task 5: 60km, Hachen and Zufferey win

Vals and back, very nice conditions.
Acro Show at 16:45 with Adrian Hachen and Michi Maurer.


Thursday: Task 4, 123 km

An epic effort was needed, Markus Wicki and Emanuelle Zufferey did win.



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